Safety Tips


There is no definite way to identify the fraudulent seller or buyer. We urge you to practice good judgment. The occurrence of fraudulence is very common everywhere while buying or selling. One must be careful in any dealings to avoid all types of fraudulence. We suggest the following safety tips for staying apart from possible hassles:

Tips for Sellers:

  1. It's preferable to take the full payment at the time of the delivery. Always try to select a safe location to meet with.
  2. Watch out for fake checks and money orders. Be aware that banks will initially accept checks, but will hold you responsible if they are discovered as fake later on.
  3. Verify the buyer credentials if there is a request for a bulk order.
  4. Get a verifiable telephone number from the buyer.
  5. Ensure that your product meets the features you list in your ad post to avoid misunderstandings with buyer.
  6. Do not share your financial information except the one required for payment.


Tips for Buyers:

  1. Choose a safe place to meet the seller. You must check the item you want to buy. In case of house rentals, you must visit the house.
  2. Be cautious for unrealistic offers. There might be motivational seduce to take a hasty decisions.
  3.  Make exchange of money and item at the time. Avoid wire funds or prepaid debit cards to transfer money to someone you don’t know.
  4. Try to know the real information of the item with the price and mode of payment.
  5. Choose the payment mode which is convenient for you.
  6. Have the telephone number of the seller which is verified.
  7. You must test the functioning of the product in case of electronic goods, car, motor bike etc. Check the identification number.
  8. Try to know if the price of the item is reasonable. Try a comparable study.
  9. Don’t deliver your financial information.
  10.  You must use the option of “Email Seller” which will be convenient for us to identify the fraudulence if occurs. 

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