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BDMarketz. Is a market place where buyers and sellers make their trades with full confidence and comfort. BDMarketz has set forth some terms and conditions for the convenience of both buyers and sellers. So everyone who wants to use this platform must follow these terms and conditions.


General Terms and Conditions:

The advertisers must ensure that the content ( text, image, video etc.) is compatible with all applicable laws of the company. BDMarketz will never take the responsibility for any type of illegal and inaccurate content that goes against the implemented laws of the search engines. BDMarkerz web portal has been develop and powered by MoneyPlus Ltd.

Copyright :

Moneyplus holds the license which is royalty-free and irrevocable ensures to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works and distribute or incorporate such content into any form.

Moneyplus reserves the right to protect, modify, alter or amend the intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademarks, service marks, trade names and other distinguishing brands on the Web Site are the property of MoneyPlus. To be clear: No material on this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, installed, posted, transmitted, stored or distributed without written permission from MoneyPlus .




The images used by MoneyPlus in this site cannot be used for other purpose without the consent of the MoneyPlus Authority.

Safety and Images :

MoneyPlus  reserves the right to change the title of the content for editorial purposes. It also  reserves the right not to publish images that are irrelevant or images that violate MoneyPlus’s rules and regulations.


MoneyPlus will store the information of Users and Advertisers. It is a condition of use of the bdmarket.com that each User and advertiser consent and authorize bdmarket.com to collect and use this information. The company reserves the right to disclose it to Company Affiliates and any other person for the purposes of administering, supporting and maintaining bdmarket.com, as well as for improving bdmarket.com, for example by using the information for research, marketing, product development and planning.


To ensure establishing a disciplines and fair trading atmosphere, moneyplus site uses cookies. So the users must enable cookies on their PC so that a proper functionality could be maintained. Cookies preserve some data which helps maintaining transparency.  

Site availability:

The Website follows the provision "as is" and as and when available.. So there is no guaranty of continuous access to the site.

Links to third party websites: 

MoneyPlus may contain different links or references to other websites (Third Party Websites). The company shall not be responsible for the contents in Third Party Websites. In the event, the user decides to leave moneyplus and accesses Third Party Sites, he / she shall be responsible for any types of hassles raised.

Paid content:

If any advertisers or users want to post ads on moneneyplusbd.com that requires payment ("Paid Content"), might be required to transmit information through a third-party service provider, which may be governed by its own terms of use. Linking to any third party service providers is at the Users' and Advertisers' own risk and moneyplus.com disclaims all liability related thereto. Under no circumstances shall moneyplus.com be obliged to refund any payments made in respect of Paid Content.

In the event that Paid Content violates any aspect of these Terms & Conditions, bdmarket.com may, in its sole discretion and without refund, remove the Paid Content. Users and Advertisers may delete any Paid Content prior to the end of the paid-for period, and moneyplus shall have no further responsibility to display the deleted content. Moneyplus is neither responsible nor liable for the perceived success or failure of any Paid Content posted on our site.


Moneyplus assumes no responsibility what so ever for the use of bdmarket.com and disclaims all responsibility for any injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from or arising out of or any way related to (a) any errors on the site or the Content, including but not limited to technical errors and typographical errors, (b) any third party web sites or content directly or indirectly accessed through links in bdmarket.com, (c) the unavailability of bdmarket.com, (d) your use of bdmarket.com or the Content, or (e) your use of any equipment (or software) in connection with bdmarket.com.


Advertisers and users agree to indemnify bdmarket.com as well as its officers, directors, employees, agents, from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including attorney’s fees, resulting from any violation of this Terms and Conditions (including negligent or wrongful conduct).


Bdmarket.com reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. Such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting on the site. You are responsible for the reviewing of such modifications. Your continued access or use of bdmarket.com shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.

Governing Law: 

Bdmarket.com is operated under the laws and regulations of Sweden. Advertisers and users agree that Swedish courts, with the district court of Gothenburg as the court of first instance, will have jurisdiction over any dispute or claim relating to the use of Bdmarket.com.

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