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Welcome to the Building Technology & Material Research Lab. The Lab is physically located at North South University Department of Architecture and is directed by Sub Project Manager Assistant Professor Mujtaba Ahsan. The main focus is the study of sustainable architecture and green building technologies and materials in modern architecture as part of contemporary development concerns of the city and to enhance teaching, learning and research in architecture in this area.

The lab is the result of a generous grant received from the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP). To meet the challenges of globalization, raising the quality of higher education to global standards is seen as essential by the Bangladesh Government. Steps were initiated to develop the quality of tertiary education and prepare university graduates sufficiently to compete in the international knowledge society.

The Ministry of Education, with the assistance of the World Bank, undertook a Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) aimed at improving the quality of teaching-learning and research capabilities of the tertiary education institutions by encouraging both innovation and accountability, as well as, by enhancing the technical and institutional capacity of the higher education sector. Under the first round of this project the North South University, Department of Architecture received a sub-project grant under Complete Proposal (CP) 449 to setup a Building Technology & Material Research (BTMRL) Lab in 2010.



30      oCmax

21          oCmin

Humidity         76 %

Wind Speed   24 m/s

Radiation        20 w/m 2

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To innovate energy and material efficiency in building construction, maintenance and operation.
  2. To provide input to building construction guidelines.
  3. To provide new teaching resources on building, construction, maintenance and operations from research.
  4. To suggest up-gradation of teaching materials based on research on building technology, materials and energy use.


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