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Resources at the Building Technology & Material Research Lab


1.  Building Technology & Material Research Office

Dedicated Workstations

ICT Computer & Accessories

Data Backup & Storage

2.  Simulation Tools



3.  Hardware Tools

TESTO Multi Level Meter

Davies Vantage VUE Pro Weather Station

HOBO Data Loggers

Infra Red Thermometer

Lux Meter

Digital Camera

Laser Disto Meter

4.  Student & Faculty Services

Testing Equipment

Software Support

Software Training

Weather Data

Model Study

Limited Plotting & Printing Services

5.  Reference Books on Sustainable Design

6.  Scale Model Study

Wind Tunnel


7.  Digital Archive

Digital Drawing Archive

Digital Literature Archive

Student Project Archive

8.  Weather Data

Hourly Temperature Minimum, Maximum

Relative Humidity


Wind Speed

Wind Direction

Solar Radiation

9.   Building Technology & Material Research Lab Website


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