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Current construction trends are market driven and profit oriented. They result in creating energy intensive and environmentally damaging infrastructure. Through regulations and incentive to use more efficient energy use and materials, the demand for resources and energy in the building sector must be reduced. The research lab’s primary goal is to conduct research into these areas. The lab’s research focused in the beginning, on current energy use trend of buildings in the urban centers of Bangladesh. Energy use profiles are being drawn up and the usage pattern are being evaluated. Based on observed common trends the researchers aim to suggest strategies to improve energy performance. The objective is to integrate building design and operation to reduce building operation energy demand. Current methods of building treatment and material use make them easier to heat up and dicult to cool. Added to this, urban heat island effects require more energy to achieve comfort levels from the user end and encourage increased use of air conditioning systems. By careful planning, energy rationing and use of alternative energy sources can collectively together reduce the absolute demand of energy from the grid.

Research work is to look into several components of the built environment – planning regulation and land use, building design, material and technology used in conventional construction, etc. Impacts of building regulations (FAR rules and codes outlined in the Imarat Nirman Bidhimala) are part of the study, with regards to how effective or ineffective they are in delivering more energy efficient and material economy in the built infrastructure of the country.


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